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Spirits redefined and created with passion in the heart of France

(p.s. we are a lot better at making gin than websites...)

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The Distillery 

Welcome at Distillery Le Compas.

Tucked away in the serenity of the heart of France you find Distillery Le Compas, visitor center and gin school. Here we make our award winning Spirits at the same pace of the nature surrounding us…. slowly. All of our spirits are made in small batches up to 500 bottles to ensure each bottle meats the highest of quality standards.

We are an open door distillery that welcomes guests and gin lovers for distillery tours, tastings and gin making sessions.

To learn more about our Gin and arrange a visit and tasting, please send us an email via and we cant wait to see you to share our passion!

Let the fun be-Gin

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The Gins

Two gins, Two flavours, Double trouble

Our Classic Gin re-defined 


Four Oceans Gin

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The Four Oceans French gin is our take on that classical London Dry Gin but put on steroids. Distilled using the single shot method and made with fifteen carefully selected botanicals and in-house dried fruits, we created a gin so smooth it can be enjoyed both pure on the rocks or as a classical gin and tonic.  

Flavour Profile: You'll notice solid juniper and coriander tones, followed by a series of exotic peppers, grapefruit, and a floral finish of Brazilian Tonka and Peruvian Inca Berries.

Distiller tips on how to serve: We recommend enjoying this gin either on the rocks or with Fever-Tree® Indian tonic water for a truly exceptional experience.

Our playfull and sinfull Gin

Secret Garden Gin 

Secret Garden.JPG



Our Secret Garden French gin is the rule breaker and the seductive one of our gins. We mixed things up with this one, putting all the fruit and floral tones upfront, with a nice round finish of juniper and coriander on the back of the flavour journey.

Flavour Profile: You'll experience a balanced sweetness from the Peruvian Inca berries, in harmony with the almond and vanilla tones brought by the Tonka beans, before being lured in by a discreet pepper kick. This is the perfect gin for a sunny day or BBQ. 

Distiller tips on how to serve: We recommend serving it pure on the rocks or with Fever-Tree® Mediterranean tonic water for a truly refreshing experience.


The Vodka

French Grain vodka

Smooth as she goes




Our all-French Grain vodka was a special project we started in 2020. Our objective was to produce a vodka using production methods often found in Scandinavian countries and to produce a vodka that is super smooth and easy to drink. We certainly feel that we achieved this in our Le Compas vodka. Its classified as a Character Vodka where through multi distillation and filtration the notes of the source ingredient get a voice


Flavor profile: Smooooooooth as she goes. A hint of grain, virtually no burn and a warm sensation on the pallet. Absolutely a clean spirit on the nose

Distiller tips on how to serve: Don’t put it in the fridge! Drink it pure on room temperature or with ice. Pairs amazingly with smoked fish and shell fish or mix it up in your favorite cocktails.

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